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Baxoje Wosgą Ci (Chi): Iowa Tribal Museum and Culture Center

How to say it:
"Baxoje (BAH-kho-jay): "People of the Gray Snow" (Ioway/Iowa Tribe)

Wosgą (WOE-shka (nasalized "a")): Traditions, Way of Doing Things, Habit, Attitude

Ci (Chi) (CHEE): Lodge, House, Dwelling, Building


The Iowa Tribal Museum and Culture Center (in Ioway: Baxoje Wosgąci) educates tribal members and the general public about the history, language, genealogy, traditions, and culture of the Iowa/Ioway tribe, and its lands, traditional and historic, including both natural and cultural resources, in order to perpetuate and preserve our culture and land for future generations.


Baxoje Wosgaci: The museum was built in 1940 by tribal members using locally-quarried limestone as a CCC-Indian Division project of the WPA. It has served as a community building since then, including tribal meetings, classes, and religious functions (which has given it the nickname of "the Rock Church"). Now it's a place for culture workshops, language and cultural studies, and genealogical research. Exhibits are being developed about the different historic sites on the reservation, including the Leary Site National Historic Landmark

George Ogden Community Building: Next to the main administration building, the Ogden building has many exhibits, including artifacts, clothing, and photographs.

Leary Site National Historic Landmark: An archaeological site of national significance, the Leary Site NHL is an ancestral village and burial site with multiple occuptions, including the Oneota ancestors of the Ioway from A.D. 1200-1400.

Chief James Whitecloud House and Powwow Grounds: A reconstruction of the historic house of the last chief of the northern Ioways, on whose historic allotment is located the tribal powwow grounds, the site of the annual powwow, held on the third weekend of September.

There are other places to check out too, including the hereditary grizzly bearclaw necklace (in Casino White Cloud), the iron survey monument, the site of Nohart, Nebraska (1855-1887), and the beautiful River Road/Glacial Hills Byway.

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